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Westview Football 
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Post Starters

OK, my backfield starters are set for the first game, though they are still some battles going on. We use a rotation system which covers 5 series on O and D. We usually get 5-7 possessions a half so we will go through the rotation and then back to the top. In instances where things are tight we will override that and send the first rotation (Starters) in as needed

Backfield Starters
QB - Louis G (Still close with Jacob S they will both play in rotation)
TB - Shayne M (He gets 4 of 5 rotations, he will not play Defense)
FB - Jamal D (Another close battle, he gets 3 rotations, Jesus G and Dylan U one each)
WB - Jamal K (He also gets 3 rotations, James O and Chuks A one each)

All these guys can play and we won't lose a whole lot with any of them in there. This gets them all experience early in a game we should win and will insure we are the fresher team in the second half when the heat really starts to take it's toll. The starters on the line will be as follows. We will decide what other players get into the rotation Monday.

Starting O-Line

TE - Jessie M
ST - Damian C
SG - Mario R
C - Frederick F
QG - Joseph O
QT - Ryan F

We will also decide on a 3 split end rotation Monday as well, there are 6 kids competing right now for those spots. Two will likely be DeAundre S and Robert M.


The Starting D-line will be.

DE - Cody R
DT - Chris P
NG - Raoul H (Teams that don't double him will be in trouble)
Stud - Malik T (Has been a solid force on the weakside)

There are likely 3-5 others that will see rotation time here during the first game.

I have my rotation set for Linebackers and the starters here will be

Sam - Antonio A (Also in rotation will be Chuks A)
Mike - Dylan U (Francisco S will see time at both Mike and Will)
Will - Jesus G (Neiko A may get some regular rotation time here as well)
Rover - James O (Curtis J has come on strong and will get in as well)

There are 3-5 others that may/will get in depending on how the game goes.


Our DB coach won't decide until Monday, but frontrunners are Tywon. (He will start at one corner for sure) The other spot is up for grabs between Robert M, Guillermo N and Andrew J. Safety will be manned by Jacob S (Unless he eventually starts at QB) Louis G (Same) though the best may be Anthony R, out until at least game 2, probably 3. (He got his cast off Friday and needs 1-2 weeks of rehab.

I already have my gameplan done. I may change a couple of plays in my script (I script the first 10 plays to check alignments and adjustments to certain things) but we everything in that I wanted to get in for the first game, so we are ready to go for the most part.

Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:23 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Hey Lee

Phoenix hot is rediculous what's the weather forecast looking like for game time. That's why I moved away from Palm Springs the heat there is crazy and Phoenix is right on par. Tell you what you must have some tough kids because there is no way I could run in that heat and just because the sun goes down does not make it that much cooler. Good Luck in the opener

Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:31 pm
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Post Re: Westview Football
Any updates Lee?

Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:42 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Yes, freshmen are 2-0 going into our game against a tough Deer Valley team tomorrow. In fact our entire program is 6-0 with sweeps of Maryvale and Pinnacle. Next to posts will have game summaries.

Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:53 pm
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Post Game 1 recap vs Maryvale
We won the toss and deferred and Maryvale elected to receive.

Jacob S is our kicker and he kicked it over the heads of their return men into the end zone for a touch back.....This is a great weapon to have on a Freshman team

We held them 3 and out and Guillermo N took the punt 53 yards for the score. We missed the XP to lead 6-0.

Another 3 and out for Vale and after another great punt return from Guillermo we take over at their 36. First play I call sweep and Shayne M takes it 36 yards to the house, Jesus G (Starting at FB with Jamal D out until the 2nd quarter) then runs in the 2 pt conversion and we lead 14-0.

Another 3 and out and a shanked punt and we are in business at their 26. Jesus gets 5 on weakside belly. I then call our one and only pass play of the game and our TE Jessie M can't quite corral it in the end zone and it is 3rd and 5. I go back to sweep and Shayne takes it 21 yards for his second TD in as many carries and we lead 20-0.

We force another 3 and out after our second sack of the game and Guillermo again sets us up with a solid punt return to the Panther 31. This time we go with the weakside buck sweep and Jamal K takes it all the way for the score and a 27-0 lead.

We force another 3 and out and this time they snap over the punters head and we take over at their 8. We are definitely clicking but field position is playing a huge factor right now as we have started every drive inside their 40!! With a first and goal Jamal D in the game for the first time goes 6 yds on trap, then 2 yds on strong side belly and the XP boosts our lead to 34-0.

We then sub some kids in on defense and they are able to get a couple of first downs, but then fumble and we take over on their 44 yard line, our worst field position of the first half. Tywon S is now in at TB in place of Shayne and we run strong side sweep again, different player, same result as Tywon goes 44 yards for another score and we take a 41-0 lead into the locker room.

Our first half stats, only 9 offensive plays!!
0-1 passing
8 rushes for 148 yards and 5 scores
In addition Guillermo (our 3rd TB) has over 100 yds on punt returns and a score.

In the second half we played our 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings almost exclusively. A couple of starters got some action on defense early in the 3rd quarter, but after Maryvales first series they were done for the night. The backups played Maryvale tough, we had a decent little drive in the third that ate some clock, but no points. They were able to get inside our 10 yard line in the 4th quarter, but our defense held and kept them out of the end zone. Our last big moment of the night came after that stop, when Andrew J (Our 4th TB, yes we are deep here) took it 74 yards to the house for our final score. All in all a good opening win.

Final Score Westview 47 Maryvale 0

Our first O-line looked very good, though we need to shore up our strong side belly quite a bit, but apart from that they opened some nice holes. I would also like to see the trap develop a bit quicker, but it is always a little slow early on. Defense played very well and the only concerns there are that we lost leverage a couple of times against the toss play and also overpursued on a couple of plays, leaving cutback lanes open, that we were able to close pretty quickly with our speed.

Special teams was also a bit of a fire drill as we were short a couple of times on punt return and we worked all special teams a lot today in practice, mostly just getting on and off the field. Not all that abnormal for the first game, but still aggravating and it will be fixed by next week.

And finally my favorite stat of the game....we had 76 kids dressed out and every single one of them got into the game for at least a play or two. Nothing makes me happier than that!!!

Final game stats
Rushing 24 carries 263 yards 6 TD's
Passing 0-1 (Sorry all you run and shoot guys)
Plus a special teams score.

Andrew J 1-74, 1 TD
Shayne M 2-57, 2 TD's
Tywon S 1-44, 1 TD
Jamal K 1-31, 1 TD

We had 12 different kids carry the ball overall and obviously our starters got a lot of rest tonight and we had no injuries of any consequence (Another of my favorite post game stats)

Tonights practice was light, focusing on special teams as mentioned and fixing some things on offense, as well as installing 2 new running plays for game two (Our entire base offensive package is now in) I will add a play here and there and we always have a trick play ready every week. We did not use the one I had for Maryvale, so that bullet will stay in the chamber for next week

Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:54 pm
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Post Game 2 update vs Pinnacle
This one started sloppy as we got there 30 minutes late and it threw everything out of wack. One weakness I have as a coach, is that I always follow a certain structure and it gets me off my game if anything goes awry in either the walk through the day before or the pregame routine. Today would be no exception.

After the scoreless first quarter, we drove to the pinnacle 46 and Jamal D popped an inside trap for the score from there. We kicked off and Pinnacle answered with a solid drive of their own getting inside our 20 before we stiffened and held on 4th down.

We scored on the first trap from unbalanced as the Defense overplayed the unbalanced side, so we came out in it again. My first play was strong side power (66 gap in our terminology, which indicates the blocking adjustment as well) This went for 6, so I called 50 trap again on 2nd and 4 from our own 19. Jamal D seriously broke 9 tackles as he got stuffed, reversed field and then sprinted to paydirt.

We stuffed them and after a bad snap on a punt took over at their 21. On our second play Louis G found our TE Jesse M on strong boot from 16 yards out to give us a 21 - 0 Halftime lead.

In the third Pinnacle put a nice drive together converting 2 3rd and long situations and scored on one of our staples, weakside boot. This was particularly aggravating since we see it so much and they ran it three times on this drive and we could not cover it. On the play they scored on we even know it was coming and were telling the kids to watch for it. Everything bad becomes a good coaching opportunity though and we talked through it in films and got it fixed. They went for 2 to make it 21-8.

We got the ball and promptly took it right back down the field. They were really flowing hard to the ball now trying to create a turnover, so I called Counter for the first time. (I had just put it in the week of the game) It worked like a charm for 19 yards with Shayne M the ball carrier. 2 plays later it was Shayne again taking it home from 21 yards out on strongside sweep. The snap on the extra point was bad and Louis executed our "fire" play to perfection, hitting Jesse M for the 2 pt conversion. (Fire is our automatic on a bad snap) We then stopped Pinnacle on their next drive, when Jacon S picked off a 4th down desperation pass and went back to work. The highlight of the drive was another solid run (20 yds) by Shayne M on strongside counter. This was the last play of the game as they called with 1:03 left in the 3rd quarter due to lightning, giving us the 29 - 8 win.

Stats through 2 games

VS Maryvale Win 47-0
Rushing 24 - 263 yds, 6 TD
Passing 0 - 1

@ Pinnacle Win 29-8 (Game called in the 3rd quarter, lightning)
Rushing 19 - 261 yds, 3 TD
Passing 4 - 6 for 28 yds, 1 TD

Jamal D: 12 - 174, 3 TD's
Shayne M: 11 - 150, 3 TD's
Andrew J: 1 - 74, 1 TD
Tywon S: 2 - 43 1 TD
Jamal K: 3 - 39 1 TD

Louis G: 4 - 7, 28 yds, 1 TD

Jesse M: 2 - 19 yds, 1 TD
Shayne M: 2 - 9 yds

Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:59 pm
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Post Re: Westview Football
BTW, as mentioned we are unbeaten through 2 games as a program and our Varsity is ranked #2 in the state in our classification (5A-II, the second biggest in Arizona) Off to a good start!

Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:01 pm
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Post A hard lesson learned
I am leaving for work now, but my next post will be on the pride that comes before the fall......and the humility that will hopefully come after. Yes, we ran into a buzz saw last night and took a 44-20 beating. Yet despite the score the game was pretty much dead even statistically. The difference cam down to the two things that keep coaches up at night.

Special teams and turnovers. The lowlight in these areas. One kickoff return for a TD, a second return inside of our 20. Being stopped on downs after we had a first and goal inside the 5 and after driving the length of the field in under 30 seconds before halftime throwing a pick in the end zone they took back 102 yards for the score as time expired in the first half That pretty much turned what would have been a neck and neck shootout into a blowout. With the pick and the goaline stand it could have/should have been 21-21 at the half and instead was 28-6.

To keep it positive though, it presents a good teaching opportunity, not just on the physical aspects of the game we need to fix, but on mental approach as well, which was not what I wanted to see last night. It worried me from the Bus ride over and nothing during pre game warmups happened to change allay my fears.

You can speak to kids from experience about things like this, but unfortunately the best teacher is often experience itself. And class was in session last night. On a high note, out kids did not pack it in when they could of being down at the half and we finished hard. I think the lesson will be learned. I will post more on this as well as stats Friday, since I will be home late after the Varsity game tonight.

Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:22 am
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